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REVIEW: Sabrina Carpenter caffeinates us for hot girl summer

Piper Pinnetti, Reporter April 28, 2024

A blond barista with vocal talent and bright pink blush brewed a hot cup of espresso to share with her fanbase. Sweet and fun, the drink keeps them up all night — singing, obviously. Singer and actor...


OPINION: Leave the dark romance to Wattpad

Salsabila Attaria, Arts & culture editor April 26, 2024

Many of us on TikTok have had the displeasure of the algorithm showing us to a certain corner of “BookTok,” the so-called community of readers on the app. There, you’ll find a group of readers, mostly...


Letter to the Editor: Your network really is your net worth

Michael Luebbe April 25, 2024

From the moment I stepped foot on Wichita State's campus, the phrase “Network is your net worth” has been drilled into my brain. I remember Dr. Jeff Noble of the Sports Management department offering...


Letter to the Editor: Continue to fight for bodily autonomy

Ashley Roberts April 24, 2024

On August 2, 2022, Kansans made a significant statement by rejecting the "Value Them Both" act, thus reaffirming the right to access reproductive health care in our state. However, legislators continue...


OPINION: What is it like to fast at Wichita State?

Zayd Bakdash, Reporter April 22, 2024

With Ramadan ending, many students wonder what Ramadan, specifically fasting, is like.  First, it’s important to know what Ramadan is. Ramadan is the holiest month of the year for Muslims because...


OPINION: Why are kids worried about their jawline?

Makenzie Miller, Reporter April 18, 2024

Beauty trends have always been a thing. Ranging from using insanely expensive skin care products to sucking on cups to make your lips look bigger, there have always been various ways people have attempted...


OPINION: No way TikTok is our biggest concern right now

Makenzie Miller, Columnist April 17, 2024

For the umpteenth time, the rumor has begun that TikTok will be blocked for Americans by the U.S. government. This time, though, the rumor could actually come true. On March 13, 2024, the U.S. House...

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REVIEW: Happy belated to Rob Zombie’s ‘House of 1000 Corpses’

Owen Prothro, Reporter April 17, 2024

Hitting the theaters on April 11, 2003, Rob Zombie’s “House of 1000 Corpses” epitomizes slasher gore, and the movie has since gained the status of a cult-classic film. The 89-minute runtime of Zombie’s...

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REVIEW: Sheryl Crow’s ‘Evolution’ doesn’t live up to its titular promise, not that it needs to

Tyler Guthrie, Columnist April 14, 2024

Legendary country and rock artist Sheryl Crow has returned with her 12th studio album, “Evolution.” Here, she displays yet another album of country rock ballads. However, there aren’t too many songs...

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REVIEW: ‘Quiet on Set’ opens the door to hard conversations

Piper Pinnetti, Reporter April 13, 2024

The lights blind the kids on set. The creator is yelling at them, striking fear into them, as a female employee is forced to massage him. The whole set is uncomfortable and awkward.  In the realm of...

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REVIEW: Vampire Weekend releases the perfect album for reflecting while moving forward

Maleah Evans, Reporter April 12, 2024

Vampire Weekend’s fifth studio album has a melancholic feel to it, with tones of jazz and electronic beats that work entirely too well together. The deeper meaning of the album delves into the idea of...


OPINION: More people should use YouTube Music

Tyler Guthrie, Columnist April 12, 2024

A good amount of people in their early twenties listen to music on their phones. It is convenient and modern and allows them to connect to each other in a cultural way. According to the Next Gen Personal...

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