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Letter to the Editor: The long path to peace in Israel

Letter to the Editor: The long path to peace in Israel

Jewish Student Alliance October 10, 2023

It is with the greatest sorrow and agony that the Jewish Student Alliance must write this letter. On October 7th, during the holiday of Simchat Torah, residents of Israel were awoken by the sounds...

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REVIEW: Sufjan Stevens releases heartwarming album with heart-wrenching backstory

Sascha Harvey, Opinion editor October 10, 2023

Accompanied by a heart-wrenching Instagram post, Sufjan Stevens released a 10-track album, “Javelin,” on Oct. 6. “Javelin,” his 13th studio album and 10th solo studio project, is his first solo...

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REVIEW: ‘Adventure Time’ takes the (Fionna and) Cake

Piper Pinnetti, Reporter October 8, 2023

12-year-old Finn the Human wandered around the Land of Ooo with his magical dog, Jake, for eight seasons. Between the vibrant color palette, fun music and bacon pancakes, “Adventure Time” was a success. “Fionna...

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REVIEW: ‘Bob’s Burgers’ season 14 debut delivers familiar feel with a western twist

Taliyah Winn, Reporter October 6, 2023

My October began with the release of the 14th season of “Bob’s Burgers,” an animated sitcom focused on the Belcher family.  “Bob’s Burgers” has been one of my comfort shows since high school....

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REVIEW: ‘Crying, Laughing, Waving, Smiling’ is an underwhelming, feel-good album

Tyler Guthrie, Columnist October 3, 2023

Slaughter Beach, Dog is an alternative rock/indie band fused with Christian folk and country flair. “Crying, Laughing, Waving, Smiling” is their fifth and newest album, released on Sept. 22. After...

Kian Williams is sworn into the role of Speaker of the Senate on April 26. While not in SGA anymore, Williams now serves as the president of the Jewish Student Alliance.

Letter to the Editor: The future of antisemitism

Kian Williams October 3, 2023

In July 2022, Wichita residents woke up to flyers blaming Jews for COVID-19 and equating all Jews to pedophiles. According to the Anti-Defamation League, in 2022, antisemitic assaults increased 26% in...


OPINION: Be careful with how many GMOs you consume

Jacinda Hall, Podcast editor October 2, 2023

Genetically modified organisms are safe to eat, but, like with anything else, they can be bad for you if you consume too many of them. For those that don’t know what GMOs are, genetically modified...


OPINION: GMOs are part of the solution, not the problem

Jacob Unruh, Reporter September 30, 2023

GMOs are controversial around the world. Twenty-six countries, including most of the European Union, either ban or severely limit the genetic modification of foods. The United States requires food manufacturers...

Education professor Elizabeth Heilman prepares to speak to the Faculty Senate on Sept. 25. Heilman served as an applied studies senator.

Letter to the Editor: How Bing and ChatGPT can undermine intellectual growth, autonomy

Elizabeth Heilman September 28, 2023

This op-ed letter addresses a matter of great concern that has come to my attention recently. With the advent of AI applications like Bing and ChatGPT, I have observed an immediate significant decline...


OPINION: Recycling plastics has always been inconvenient, in Wichita and elsewhere

Tyler Guthrie, Columnist September 25, 2023

We can all remember back when we were children, where we were taught that recycling plastics is beneficial for a healthier lifestyle and for a greener Earth. However, in recent years in towns and cities...


OPINION: The argument against Chick-fil-A

Sascha Harvey, Opinion editor September 22, 2023

I don’t care what you do. I don’t care if you eat Chick-fil-A. I don’t care if you shop on Shein. I don’t care if you wear leather. I don’t care if you listen to Kanye. But I think that you should...


OPINION: Ranking streaming services, most being lackluster at best

Maleah Evans, Reporter September 20, 2023

Streaming services have taken over regular cable in the modern era, and it seems there are more and more popping up every day. Deciding which services to subscribe to can be difficult, here’s a list...

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