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REVIEW: ‘Drive-Away Dolls’ is the sapphic fever dream of the year

Monique Bever, Reporter March 1, 2024

Is it just me or has the road movie genre been desperate for more crime, lesbians and bizarre Miley Cyrus cameos? In all of its gritty glory, "Drive-Away Dolls" was the answer to my prayers. Ethan Coen,...


OPINION: Is 23andMe the best or worst genetic testing company to go through?

Cheyanne Tull, Reporter March 1, 2024

DNA testing has seen a significant rise in popularity since the first time it was used in 1986 by police forensics. In 2024, you can buy a range of DNA testing kits to uncover information about your family...


OPINION: For the love of God, ‘Barbie’ did not get snubbed at the Oscars

Trinity Ramm, Managing editor February 29, 2024

Oscars season has reared its ugly head again, and it’s time for you to hear all the movie opinions from the worst person you know: Hi, how are you? The day that nominations were released, the Internet...

Nicholas Heald, a member of Abolitionists Rising, protested abortion and LGBTQ+ rights outside of the Rhatigan Student Center on Tuesday, Feb. 20. My ultimate goal out here is to glorify God, Heald said.

OPINION: Keep your ‘abolitionist’ rallies off my campus

Sascha Harvey, Opinion editor February 22, 2024

Please note that some aspects of the column below could be triggering. Every few months, abortion “abolitionists” find their way back into Wichita. Folks from groups like Free the States and Abolitionists...

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REVIEW: ‘The Underdoggs’ hides a wholesome chosen family story under questionable dialogue

Maleah Evans, Reporter February 21, 2024

Snoop Dogg is known for doing everything under the sun — he’s a rapper, actor and chef who has worked alongside Martha Stewart.  His most recent venture, “The Underdoggs,” came out directly...


REVIEW: ‘Lisa Frankenstein’ proves that chivalry isn’t dead

Taliyah Winn, Assisstant news editor February 19, 2024

“Lisa Frankenstein” is the perfect Valentine’s Day movie for the hopeless romantic who wishes to be swept off their feet by a rich man — or the corpse of one. The 2024 movie is a modern reimagining...

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REVIEW: The Smile mesmerizes with the beauty of new album ‘Wall of Eyes’

Tyler Guthrie, Columnist February 17, 2024

The Smile has arrived with their new album, “Wall of Eyes,” to take a Radiohead-like sound and go in a completely new direction with it. “Wall of Eyes” is their sophomore album, following the band’s...


OPINION: Everyone should watch ‘Bluey,’ not just kids

Jacinda Hall, Podcast editor February 16, 2024

Many kids shows teach children about the importance of counting, reading, and overall don’t really concern an adult audience at all.  But what if there was a show that not only talked about valuable...


REVIEW: By wing, paw or flipper, keep warm with animal hats

Lydia Steeby, Reporter February 15, 2024

We humans don’t have the best adaptations for surviving the cold, so when winter comes around, and animals start growing thicker fur, we start layering jackets, gloves and hats. Hats are important to...

The Rhatigan Student Center Starbucks on June 15, 2022.

OPINION: Boycott Starbucks for workers, not Palestine

Jacob Unruh, Assistant Sports Editor February 13, 2024

Think of a restaurant chain that sells coffee and materially supports the Israeli government. They are listed on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) list, have stores operating in Israel and local...


OPINION: The definition of sports should include athletes of all strenuous activity

Maleah Evans, Reporter February 12, 2024

Football, basketball, baseball — I’m sure these, among others, are what come to mind when someone mentions sports. I see these and raise you: chess, skateboarding and marching band. One could argue...


OPINION: Why commuters should get involved with the campus sports culture

Tyler Guthrie, Columnist February 10, 2024

When students arrive at Wichita State, a good many of them settle into the dorms on campus, but most settle for driving or walking distances around the university. The most recent statistic for the percentage...

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