Songfest wraps up Shocktoberfest


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WSU students look forward to SongFest every year (SongFest 2016).

The Songfest winners for the 2016 Shocktoberfest were Delta Delta Delta in the women’s division, Phi Delta Theta in the men’s division, and the Multicultural Greek Council in the Co-Ed division.

“MGC did a great job this week in all the events and we may not have been the biggest group or had the longest routine, but we got out there and gave it our all,” MGC member Joshua Villa said. “I’m so happy to see MGC participating in this campus tradition again.”

After the announcement of the Songfest winners, the Shocktoberfest winners were then announced. Accumulative points earned throughout Shocktoberfest activities determined winners.

Activities included participation in activities like Big Pink Volleyball and a banner making contest.

Delta Delta Delta and the Multicultural Greek Council made clean sweeps and won first place in their divisions.

In the men’s division, Sigma Alpha Epsilon took the first place trophy.

“We’re very appreciative of this honor. It’s been awhile since we won this award,” SAE member Breck Towner said. “We love our school and to be crowned champs of WSU’s equivalent to homecoming is special to us.”

The panel of judges broke criteria into five categories: execution, choreography, showmanship, costumes and crowd response.

Each performance lasted five minutes, but for Sigma Phi Epsilon and Gamma Phi Beta, technical difficulties occurred cutting their performances short.

The music for both stopped playing causing them to end early, the lights go down, and the curtain closing all before they had the opportunity to finish the routine.

Judges let the two groups perform their entire routine again after everyone performed.

“The technical difficulties were definitely unexpected, but we were so grateful to have the chance to show everyone the whole routine,” Gamma Phi Beta president Emily Mullins said. “Even without winning, we put a lot of time and hard work into that performance so it was fun to be able to show it twice.”

After the 10 performances and the two make-up performances, the winners were announced.

Two hours before the 26th annual Songfest, the line to get in was well above 200 people — wrapping around the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Wichita and flooding into the parking lots surrounding the venue.

Students camped out hours before doors open in attempt to get front row seats.

“I got here at 3:45 p.m. so that I could be in the very front row to support,” WSU senior Carlie Hurst said. “Gamma Phi Beta tries to be the first in every year. It’s a tradition.”

Once the doors opened, a flood of students rushed in to find the best seat possible.

The event was sold out 30 minutes after doors opened.

Approximately 1,500-2,000 people were in attendance.

“It was really awesome seeing how excited students are about Songfest, to the point that some were lining up three hours prior,” sophomore Colton Russell said. “The sell-out crowd just showed that WSU is all about supporting peers and friends in an enthusiastic way.”