University Police Chief releases statement on controversial chalk drawings

Sara Morris says the work was intended to provoke discussion.


Courtesy photo

According to a statement from Sara Morris, Wichita State University Police Chief, the chalk drawings found in front of four campus buildings Monday was not intended to be a hate crime.

Morris said the student who created the work came forward and was interviewed by UPD on Wednesday.

The chalk drawings were “the work of a student completing an art project,” Morris said.

“The student said the drawings were intended as an art project to provoke discussion and not as hate speech meant to threaten or disparage women and minorities,” Morris said in a statement.

The drawings were cleaned by power-washers soon after their discovery Monday morning.

“When these drawings appeared on Monday, we said the university’s greatest interest was in talking to the person who left the drawings to understand the intent and provide education,” Morris said. “We’re satisfied that this matter is resolved.”