Starbucks building brewing

Matt Crow

Construction is underway on a new Starbucks just south of 21st street near the Woodman Alumni Center. The new Starbucks will be full-service and is set to open in early 2017.

Fret not, Frappuccino fans — the Innovation Campus Starbucks is projected to open the first week of April, WSU director of facilities planning Emily Patterson said.

The 2,000-square-foot building will be the first opening of Braeburn Square, a mixed-use development at 21st and Oliver featuring restaurants, shops and lodging, Patterson said.

The Starbucks will seat around 40 people and feature patio seating as well as a drive-thru.

The Starbucks will be privately funded, Patterson said, and is a stand-alone, corporate store, open to everyone.

“We want to bring people from the community to the campus,” Patterson said.

Lou Heldman, vice president of strategic communications, said in a statement that Starbucks is a good start for the retail area of Innovation Campus because Starbucks’ “commitment signals to prospective students and their students that one of the world’s best known brands sees the value of operating at Wichita State.”