F45 opens to eager participants


Jessica Green

Senior Eddie Pfluger, center, encouraged F45 attendees during Monday’s cardio class. Each F45 class has two instructors who help with form, keep people on track and boost encouragement.

After working for five months in order to complete the F45 contract as well as renovate the old racquetball court into an F45 fitness studio, the work is finally complete and the program started on Jan. 9.

Students, faculty and staff have been able to use the facility for free since the opening day, but will eventually change to just being free to students.

The fitness program, which came from Australia, is the only one in Kansas. It offers 27 programs between cardio and strength and has different variations for each program.

“I decided to try it out because I’m trying to maintain some level of fitness,” Jane Hodge, admissions officer, said. “I’m 57 and if you don’t use it, you lose it.”

Hodge, like others who have exercised at the facilities, agrees that it is a different experience than any other workout they have ever tried.

“This experience is high intensity and you are guaranteed an instant sweat,” said senior Nikki Hays. “It’s also a really quick program and a lot of people say that they don’t have time to go workout, but everyone has time for this.”

Every participant does nine different exercises throughout the 45-minute session. It is fast-paced and high energy, which results in a better workout because your body never stops moving, Eric Maki, director of campus recreation, said.

During cardio sessions participants use slam balls, weights, jump ropes, cycles and TRX-like equipment to complete the different tasks.

On strength days they use sand bags and other weights to tone their muscles.

Maki said F45 workouts are customizable.

“If you are unable to do a full push-up, you can take it down a notch and use an assist from your knees. It’s all about starting somewhere and challenging yourself to continue on.”

Hodge and Maki agree that once you try it, as intimidating as it looks, it’s a great, fun workout.

“For me, this is the exact program that I was looking for,” third-time user Kristyn Smith said. “I like that this feels like a team effort and since the workout is so fast paced, you don’t have time to compare yourself to others. It’s a completely judge-free zone.”

As the program continues to be used, Maki hopes people gain at least one idea from the experience.

“Isn’t that what college is all about?” Maki said. “Being challenged mentally, physically and emotionally happens throughout the college experience, but it is necessary because that is the only way we will get better in life.”