Parking garage development pushes students, faculty to violate


Jenna Farhat

File photo, parking services vehicle

Allison Scott said she doesn’t care about getting a parking ticket on campus.

Scott, a senior, has been parking in the 30-minute temporary parking lane between Elliott and Ahlberg halls every afternoon since the spring semester started.

“It’s worth [parking here] because a [parking ticket] is only $25,” Scott said.

Scott has continued to risk getting a parking ticket during her afternoon classes on campus because she can never find a spot in the parking spot in the lots on either side of Ahlberg Hall.

“I used to get a parking spot there every day,” Scott said.

Since the beginning of the construction on the parking lot south of the Rhatigan Student Center in December, Scott said the Ahlberg Hall parking lots have changed because of increased traffic from faculty and staff who use the RSC lot.

Scott said when she arrives on campus the lot is full every time.

University police Capt. Corey Herl, who oversees the parking patrol on campus, said many people still respect the 30-minute space.

“We have noticed an increase (of violators), especially since the last couple of weeks,” Herl said. “What we’ve seen has not been alarming, but there’s been a slight trend upwards.”

Thirteen tickets were handed out last week to students parked in the 30-minute parking lane, Herl said. Despite the rise in tickets and traffic in the 30-minute area, it’s possible some drivers aren’t getting ticketed.

Within three hours on Tuesday afternoon, two cars remained in the 30-minute lane without receiving a parking ticket — one in the guest section and one in the temporary section.

Herl said the UPD officers who scan license plates to check for parking permits have not changed their routes to compensate for the increased activity near Ahlberg.

The UPD drivers maintain a consistent route around campus.

“When the officers drive by a car, it sets a timer,” Herl said.

When the officers drive by the same car in a temporary lane the timer checks how long it has been since the officer’s vehicle first passed the car.

As of Wednesday, 544 parking citations have been issued in January.