From futsal matches to M*A*S*H

Fairmount Park to become hospital for a day


Fairmount Park will be the location of a ‘hospital in the park’ in April. (Courtesy – KMUW)

Move over, Obamacare – Via Christi, WSU, the Shocker Neighborhood Coalition and the city of Wichita are hosting a day of free healthcare in the Fairmount Park April 8.

The park at 1647 N. Yale will “become M*A*S*H” for the day, as community liaison Darryl Carrington puts it, with medical tents situated throughout the park for Fairmount residents use.

Services include medical care and testing, dental vision and hearing screening, foot care, community service and access to follow-up care.

It will be a complete hospital in the park, Carrington said – down to the waiting room, a registration tent.

Everything will be provided except for day care services.

“We’re welcoming whole families, but we’re not watching anyone’s kids.”

Carrington said the goal is to provide service to 500 Fairmount residents.

Food and entertainment will be provided, including a Fairmount United Church of Christ choir performance to promote spiritual health.

Carrington said the event can be seen as a response to “repeal and replace.”

“We’re going to allow all those underinsured or uninsured to come in and have a free doctor visit.”

For more information, contact Ted Ayres, director of Community Engagement and Opportunity at WSU at 316-978-5578 or visit