Supreme Court serves as a tool for students


The Sunflower

It isn’t uncommon for students to feel slighted after their appeal over a fine is rejected by the Traffic Court or the Library Court. But many don’t know that there’s another step they can take.

The Wichita State Student Supreme Court functions as the judicial branch of the Student Government Association.

“Our student government is closely modeled after the US government, but obviously, it’s a little different,” said Chief Justice Reece Burns, a senior in engineering.

The Court’s main function is hearing appeals from students who are not satisfied with the decisions from lesser courts.

The Student Supreme Court is the final appeals court and its decisions are final.

Aside from ticket appeals, the court hears a wide array of appeals, ranging from free speech infringement to issues with obtaining personal records.

“Someone could appeal anything they want, technically,” Burns said.

Earlier this month, the Court met for the first time since spring 2014. The lapse was partly due to the Chief Justice of that semester stepping down, followed by several members graduating.

At this meeting a student appealed a traffic ticket that was left pending from last fall.

The court ruled in favor of the student, who will be reimbursed for the ticket.

Burns encourages students to approach the court with any questions or concerns they might have, even if they are not sure if it will fall under the court’s jurisdiction.

“I don’t want to completely ignore any case,” Burns said. “If the case is not really in our jurisdiction, we’ll point them in the right direction.

“We’re a tool for students.”