President Bardo issues response to sit-in


Brian Hayes

Sandra Carlo, freshman, conducts chants at the sit in outside of university president John Bardo’s office on Tuesday afternoon. The group chanted demanding to know what happened to Eric Maki as well as for transparency among the administration. (Mar. 14, 2017)

Wichita State President John Bardo responded to a student sit-in outside of his office in Morrison Hall on Tuesday in a university release.

“Thanks to the students who developed a meaningful list of concerns,” he wrote.

Bardo stated that he is traveling to meetings with the Kansas Board of Regents for the next to weeks, while additionally traveling to the NCAA Tournament in Indianapolis.

He thanked Tony Vizzini, Lou Heldman and David Moses for hearing the concerns of the group “We the Students.”

In his ongoing absence on campus for the extent of March, Bardo encouraged Teri Hall, vice president for student affairs, and Marche Fleming-Randle, president’s assistant for diversity, and others to continue the dialogue with students.

Bardo said when he’s back on campus at the end of the month, he’ll work through the list of concerns and schedule a meeting in the first half of April with representatives of the group “We the Students.”

“Change is always difficult and I appreciate that all of us who love Wichita State may have different ideas about the best ways to position our university for future success,” Bardo said in the statement. “I look forward to discussing this further.”