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SGA no-confidence vote count

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The following is the vote count of Wichita State Student Senate’s Wed., March 15, 2017 “Vote Of No Confidence In Wichita State University President John Bardo.”

Senators in favor of the resolution: 20

Fayez Alruwaili

Tracia Banuelos

Randy Barbour

India Belsford

Sandra Carlo

Timothy Dodd

Aadhar Jain

Nibras Karim

Katie Kelly

Zubair Khan

Xan Mattek

Kavya Natesan

Qian Qian Ng

Debbie Ojeda

Ricky Oshakuade

Kyler Sanders

Demetrius Sterling

Anna Turosak

Stella Yang

Umair Zoumy


Senators opposed to the resolution: 4

Dan Corrieri

Garin Egerton

Brayden Hosman

Brandon Jackson


Senators who abstained: 7

Paige Hungate

Sydney Kalscheur

Kylen Lawless

Luke Mohr

Paul Raymond

Walter Wright

  • Laurie Van Horn

    The right thing to do would be for the president to step down and walk away from the mess that he created. A university president needs to serve the student body, not his own agenda. Those who abstain from the vote should also probably walk away. If they don’t have the guts to let their voices be heard they need to move off of that committee and let other voices be heard.


  • I agree

    I was going to say the same thing.


  • I agree

    Also, I would watch out for Hungate as campaigning season for SGA election is coming up. As she is getting ready to run, look back at her
    -Op-ed’s for the Sunflower
    -Her current vote here to abstain from voting against Bardo, as well as her past

    Her Op-ed’s for the Sunflower have revealed her support with the current administration. If that tells you anything at all. Be smart when you get ready to vote in the next SGA elections.


    Real Shocker Reply:

    I Agree,

    Paige is a good friend of Laura Schlapp who is the daughter of Andy Schlapp. Andy Schlapp is the Chief of Staff to John Bardo and a member of the President’s Executive Team. In the past, Andy’s wife, Jane Schlapp, and Andy’s subordinate, Zach Gearhart, just happened to attend and SGA meeting when some issues were taking place with Paige. I think it was the one and only meeting that Jane Schlapp and Zach Gearhart ever attended. The Administration is desperate for Paige to win the election.


    Tex Reply:

    Maybe they were attending because she, like several other people in SGA, were being bullied and intimidated by Shepard-Azad?

    I mean, it’s pretty bad when the environment in SGA becomes so toxic that a young woman felt like she needed to drop out of college entirely to escape the negative mistreatment she was beholden to–I think it speaks volumes.

    Maybe we need someone who will actually sit at the table with the University Administrators instead of just digging their heels in and being obstructionists as Shepard and Azad have been.