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SGA no-confidence vote count

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The following is the vote count of Wichita State Student Senate’s Wed., March 15, 2017 “Vote Of No Confidence In Wichita State University President John Bardo.”

Senators in favor of the resolution: 20

Fayez Alruwaili

Tracia Banuelos

Randy Barbour

India Belsford

Sandra Carlo

Timothy Dodd

Aadhar Jain

Nibras Karim

Katie Kelly

Zubair Khan

Xan Mattek

Kavya Natesan

Qian Qian Ng

Debbie Ojeda

Ricky Oshakuade

Kyler Sanders

Demetrius Sterling

Anna Turosak

Stella Yang

Umair Zoumy


Senators opposed to the resolution: 4

Dan Corrieri

Garin Egerton

Brayden Hosman

Brandon Jackson


Senators who abstained: 7

Paige Hungate

Sydney Kalscheur

Kylen Lawless

Luke Mohr

Paul Raymond

Walter Wright


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