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Associate VP of Student Affairs Christine Schneikart-Luebbe resigns



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Student government advisor and Associate Vice President of Student Affairs Christine Schneikart-Luebbe has resigned from her position, effective immediately.

Her resignation came two days following the student senate’s vote of no confidence in President John Baro, during which she was out of town attending a national student affairs conference. She resigned one day following her return to campus.

She had been with the university for 23 years.

Schneikart-Luebbe’s resignation came just over a week following the resignation of Eric Maki, director of campus recreation. Maki’s departure was announced just one day following student senate’s vote to oppose the building of a YMCA on Innovation Campus.

“There’s a lot going on on campus right now,” Teri Hall, vice president of student affairs, said last week.

“What we’re doing as an institution is in line with our strategic plan and our mission vision and goals,” Hall said. “And if people don’t like those… you have to make a decision as a person — do I want to be there?

“Chances are that the direction it’s going in [is] not going to change.

“It’s not uncommon when a new leader starts or an organization starts making changes, some people choose to leave,” Hall said.

Last October, Schneikart-Luebbe took a 30-day leave for undisclosed reasons.

Student Body President Joseph Shepard said at the time that he couldn’t see Schneikart-Luebbe taking a leave “unless there was something pressing going on.”

Shepard also expressed concerns over what he perceived as the mistreatment of Schneikart-Luebbe by other administrators.

“I’ve seen her be bullied. I’ve seen her not have a seat at the table where she should,” Shepard said at the time.

“I think that Christine was put in this position to fail — to give the administration a reason to let her go.”

Ashwin Govindarajan, treasurer for student government, said he was told that Schneikart-Luebbe “wanted a break from the university” and that she wanted to spend more time with family.

Hall will serve as interim advisor to student government.

SGA has seen a total of five different advisors over the past two years, including Hall.

Wade Robinson served as student government advisor during his time as vice president for student affairs before his contract was terminated. Eric Sexton, then-athletic director, took over the position of vice president of student affairs.

With this role, Sexton served as advisor for student government until he was removed at Shepard’s request in November of 2015.

Marche Fleming-Randle replaced Sexton until May of 2016 when Schneikart-Luebbe was appointed and served as advisor until her resignation.

Less than a week following Schneikart-Luebbe’s resignation, Taben Azad was suspended from his role as Student Body Vice President by Teri Hall.

“It looks completely retaliatory,” Shepard said regarding Azad’s suspension.

“(Hall) has went public with how she felt about Taben, the many discrepancies that she had in regards to his leadership,” Shepard said.

“It’s hard for me to believe that (Hall) could be fair,” he said.

“Christine was the last advocate that we had.”

In a statement provided by Hall, Schneikart-Luebbe said, “I have determined it’s time to move on to the next opportunity. I have loved working with students and their families and alongside great people to advance this wonderful university. I’ve also reached the difficult decision that it’s time for me to move on to my next challenge.

“I look forward to taking a little time to spend with my family while determining what my professional chapter will be. I wish the best for Wichita State University and all its great people.”


  • Tell the Truth

    “Resigned”??! Is there anyone out there that really believes she resigned? She was pushed out by the Administration – FACT!!


  • Real Shocker

    There are two new words being added to the dictionary based on what WSU has done with people like Christine, Shanda Burch, Eric Maki, Eric Sexton, Ted Ayres, Mary Herrin, and others.

    1. Firesigned: The act of being fired from Wichita State University and having it described as resigning from one’s position.

    2. Firetired: The act of being fired from Wichita State University and having it described as retiring from one’s position.

    Sorry, but nobody in their right mind would believe this is a voluntary resignation. I hope donors and alumni STOP giving money to WSU because of the way quality people have been treated. Only money talks. I guess when Matt Conklin said Student Affairs people should be afraid for their jobs and looking over their shoulders we found another one of them. The only question is who is next?


  • Sean C

    Of course she was pushed out. Resigned always has some other meaning to it.

    Remember that one time when Eric Sexton resigned many. Many times last year? Probably having something to do with getting caught giving himself a nice pay increase. But so did Bardo and other administration.

    I’m not sure why Christine resigned, but it would be nice to know the truth and what is actually going on behind closed doors.

    Does this surprise anyone? I think that everyone needs to go.


  • Ex Sig Ep

    Remember that time she had inappropriately close relationships to students? I know for a fact she’s been investigated for years. Particularly for favoritism and showing “special” interest in a certain freshman gentleman from her Dean’s Scholars class. Married women shouldn’t hang out in dorm rooms or fraternities…


    Real Shocker Reply:

    Benny? That you?


  • Former SE

    This is appalling. Those sig eps were consenting adults.


  • WSU

    What happened to Eric Maki was KARMA – he treated multiple people in his department terribly by always focusing on their flaws, rather than encouraging them and appreciating their strengths. The same thing that “supposedly” happened to him was the same thing he did to countless people in Campus Recreation, which is why in the past 3 years there has been such an overturn of Professional Staff. Maki only appreciates individuals that do not think for themselves and he can control their every move. If you had an opinion or wanted to share an idea within that department automatically placed you on Maki’s blacklist. Eric Maki is a tyrant leader and a micro manager that needs to learn that his way is not the only way. That department is much better off with Maki – all he ever wanted to do was replicate Mizzou and Disney. Every success that Campus Recreation executed or experience, pretty much had nothing to do with Eric Maki’s leadership.

    Wichita State University truly lost one of the best with Christine resigning. Not only was she present in countless events across campus, ranging in departments and organizations, but she truly did care about the students. She took the time out of her busy schedule to focus on students development and make sure each student was experiencing the best of what WSU had to offer. Not only did she support students, but her gratitude of staff across campus and her interest in furthering their development was greatly appreciated.


  • Trudy

    That description of Eric Maki is spot on. He did the same things to other people that happened to him. He ran off a number of good people and the ones that stayed were not treated with any respect. He wanted to change things but I guess he didn’t adapt to changed when it effected him.


  • Vanessa McGuire

    Christine’s resignation is a terrible loss for WSU. She works tirelessly for the students, making every one she worked with feel important and special. She always put what was best for the students at the center of her work. WSU and the current administration has lost a huge asset in the work of enhancing the WSU experience. Christine is the best. Good luck filling those shoes.


  • John B

    Yes, people do resign when a new leader comes in, but Bardo isn’t new. He’s been there almost 4 years. Christine isn’t one to quit in the face of persecution, that typically makes her fight more. So one of two things happened: either she was forced out or she was given such horrible treatment that she resigned (oh wait, those are two sides of the same coin.) Here’s hoping that Bardo “resigns” and we actually get a good president. I nominate either Wade Robinson or Christine to head the list.


  • Bill Bailey

    I have known Christine for over 25 years as she was my advisor at Northern Arizona before coming to WSU. She helped me get my first job and even checked up on me after the fact There is not a more genuine and student-dedicated person on earth. I don’t know all the details on why this change is happening, but I do know that she will rise to the top, and make some sweet lemonade out of this situation. It’s all she has ever done.


  • Don Manly

    Does anyone ever wonder why Wichita State has a four year graduation rate of 18%? Or a 6 year rate of around 44%, which includes a large number of students who left WSU for a different university. It’s not because there are a lot of snowflakes in this school, it’s that administrative policies do not support students and learning. BTW the graduation rate of 18% is deeply concerning and no one is talking about the statistics that show how the discord between students and administration is troubling many students. #NotSatisified


  • Shockers

    I am glad she did. I did get into an argument with her one time because of Student Government and she pulled me to an office closed door and started harrasing me with other people and threaten me. Glad she left. Let’s WSU, bring on more qualified people. In addition, when she came from Arizona, she had brought all her staff and hired them at WSU.


  • Real Shocker

    Which staff from Arizona? Gina Crabtree was one and she has been declared a star performer at WSU. Who else?


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