Halftime: Wichita State trails No. 7 seed Dayton

The Shockers are shooting 17 percent from 3-point range.

Wichita State entered Friday night’s first round game with No. 7 seed Dayton as the No. 4 best 3-point shooting team in the country. With less than five seconds left in the half, Shocker forward Zach Brown was the only one to have made a shot from 3-point range.

With less than five seconds left in the half, Wichita State junior Rashard Kelly tossed up a 3-pointer off-balanced with just one foot on the ground and hit at the buzzer.

At halftime, Wichita State trails No. 10 seed Dayton 29-27.

The Shockers have shot 16 percent from 3-pointers.

Dayton senior guard Scoochie Smith scored 15 first half points on 10 shots. He leads all scorers.

Wichita State leads the rebound battle 24-16. The Shockers, however, have committed eight turnovers to Dayton’s three.

Wichita State’s Daishon Smith and Shaq Morris each have two fouls.