Azad suspended as Student Body Vice President

Student Body Vice President Taben Azad was additionally removed from his role as Election Commissioner.


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SGA Vice-President Taben Azad sits in his office. 

With less than a month left in his term as Student Body Vice President, Taben Azad has been suspended from his executive position by Vice President of Student Affairs Teri Hall.

Hall, who was unavailable for comment on Thursday evening, has been at odds with Azad on multiple occasions since her arrival on campus in November.

“I feel it was kind of a form of retaliation to be honest because I’ve been very vocal about my reservations about her as Vice President of Student Affairs,” Azad said. “I’ve posted on Facebook about how some of her comments about Muslim students are inappropriate, and I think she took that personally.”

In addition to his executive suspension, Hall removed Azad from his position as Election Commissioner with less than two weeks until the SGA election.

In a meeting Wednesday to discuss the decisions, Hall cited perceived bias as the rationale behind his removal, Azad said.

“She said that people were worried about my impartiality with this year’s election, and I had asked her specifically if there’s been any proven bias, and she was unfortunately unable to pinpoint anything,” Azad said.

Azad is appealing Hall’s decision to an administrator and the result of the appeal will likely determine whether or not he has seen his last day as Student Body Vice President.

Tensions have risen between SGA and the university administration recently, exacerbated by last week’s sit-in to protest Wichita State President John Bardo. At last week’s SGA meeting, the Student Senate passed a vote of no confidence in President Bardo in a resolution proposed by the protesting We the Students group.

According to Azad, the university administration no longer wanted to deal with a prominent student leader willing to take a stand against controversial decisions made by the university.

“In my honest opinion, she is doing this to make sure that the administration has someone who will not critique or criticize the work they do when it’s necessary,” Azad said.