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Hay people returning to campus


"Shocker's" sketch by Tom Otterness shows what the sculpture will look like.



"Shocker's" sketch by Tom Otterness shows what the sculpture will look like.


Two new Shockers are coming to campus in 2019. These Shockers will be 19-feet tall and made of steel and hay.


After the departure of the ‘Makin’ Hay’ sculptures created by Tom Otterness — who also created ‘Millie’ the millipede sculpture in front of the Ulrich Museum of Art — which were on loan to the university, many community members expressed their sadness.


“Based on feedback we got, (‘Makin’ Hay’) resonated with people here on campus,” said Bob Workman, director of the Ulrich Museum.


“When we brought ‘Makin’ Hay’ here, I thought of how we could create something similar that is permanent.”


The concept of the ‘Shockers’ sculptures came to be through a partnership with the Ulrich Museum, the WSU Foundation, and the family of Joan Beren.


“In working with Mr. Workman, he talked about how everyone has loved the ‘Makin’ Hay’ sculptures and Tom Otterness is from Wichita and perhaps he could create something to be a great addition to our campus,” Elizabeth King, of the WSU Foundation, said.


Otterness and Workman then worked on a proposal for various sculpture ideas. The sculptures will depict two statues embracing while one holds a scythe. The sculptures are set to be complete in the fall of 2018 or spring of 2019.


The sculpture will be placed next to the Duerksen Fine Arts Center, and Luis Jiminez’s ‘Howl’ sculpture will be relocated.


“The other aspect of [the work] that I really like is that, by its very nature, it has to be refreshed every year — it has to be re-hayed, basically,” Workman said. “We would like to create a fall festival of some kind . . . to get students involved to get to do something in the fall to talk about our ‘Shocker-ness’ and literally re-hay the sculpture.”


Workman said he is confident the ‘Shockers’ will be well-received.


“It’s my belief that these will be the most beloved sculptures on campus.”



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