We still have a long way to go with sexual assault


For the past two weeks, headline after headline has been about sexual assault.

Sexual assault accusations against Harvey Weinstein and the #MeToo campaign have dominated the media and our social media feeds.

Other instances of sexual assault and harassment have now hit closer to home at Wichita State.

In the past week alone, there’s been two instances showcasing how sexual assault and harassment are still alive and well on this campus.

Just a few days ago, a Wichita State student was arrested on six felony charges for allegedly taking upskirt photos of women for years on and off campus — and some of those women were underage.

Yet, this news has been second to the ongoing investigation of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity for hazing and sexual misconducts that allegedly happened at their annual Luau event.

Anyone that commented that the banner saying “Free House Tours” hung off the Phi Delta Theta house was just “boys being boys” must be wishing they could retract their statements now that they know what really happens at Phi Delta Theta’s events.

These are only the events that have made headlines because they were reported. Imagine how many other acts of sexual assault have happened and may be far worse than the events that may have happened that night.

It’s already hard enough to come out and report these types of things for victims and it’s even harder for them to go about their day knowing their assaulter is walking free.

There should be no more giving a cold shoulder to those who come out and have the bravery to report their assaults.

We must do better for all victims and start taking these allegations seriously so it’s no longer terrifying for victims to report their assaults. We need to have actual, serious penalties for those found guilty of their actions and stop letting ‘boys be boys.’

If you or someone you know need support and counseling, the Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center can help with their 24-Hour Crisis Line at (316) 263-3002.