Muma addresses enrollment goal at faculty senate



Rick Muma addresses the Faculty Senate at a meeting in 2017.

Rick Muma, Senior Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Strategic Enrollment Management, addressed the faculty senate with updates on Wichita State’s strategic enrollment plan, outlining a new ultimate goal of 18,000 students by 2020.

In 2016, WSU’s strategic plan set a goal of 22,000 students by 2020 including a “one-time gain of 4,000 students from Wichita Area Technical College pending merger.”

The framework for the Innovation Campus, including raising student fees to build a YMCA, assumes an eventual enrollment tally of 22,000 students.

Muma said that enrollment goals for the colleges of business, engineering, fine arts, and liberal arts and sciences were not met for fall 2017.

“Remember, goals are not always achievable,” Muma said. “We have to have goals if we want to move anything forward.”

Part of the current plan, Muma said, is to increase enrollment among the I-35 corridor by 18 percent yearly through fall 2020. The I-35 corridor recruitment strategy, announced in 2016, allows residents of certain parts of Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas to attend Wichita State and pay reduced, in-state tuition.

One faculty senator asked what the average student from along the I-35 corridor looks like.

“They’re more affluent,” Muma said. “They have more money.”

Muma said WSU would like to see an increase in enrollment of non-degree-seeking students by 14 percent annually through 2020. This semester, enrollment of non-degree-seeking students went up by 81.7 percent, or 1,428 students.

The strategic enrollment plan outlines a goal of fostering “a culture of enrollment growth among faculty, staff, and students.”