Unclassified Professional Senate addresses parking, tobacco policy


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In an open forum Oct. 24, members of the Unclassified Professional Senate fielded questions and concerns from other unclassified professionals. Jeffrey Jarman, director of the Elliott School of Communications, moderated the forum.

Most of the focus was on parking and uncertainty surrounding the new campus tobacco policy.

Barfield said that the senate needs to focus on spreading information about the tobacco policy.

“The tobacco-free stuff is already being done in a different area,” Barfield said. “So, how can we communicate back? How do you get this information?”

There was confusion about whether it was a legitimate policy or just a recommendation.

Other attendees presented concerns about parking.

Barfield said that the she compiled a list of topics that the senate will address in the coming weeks.

“There’s multiple topics we’ll discuss as a senate,” Amy Barfield, president of the senate, said. “We will look at what can be done, what needs more long-term planning.”