A quick look at tobacco quit kits


Students in a public health sciences class are providing free tobacco quit kits to Wichita State students in an effort to support WSU’s Tobacco Free Wu & Me initiative.

The kits include gum, mints, suckers, coupons for smoking cessation aides, and information about “campus-based support for tobacco users,” said Amy Ham, instructor in Public Health Sciences.

“[The kits] are a small, simple gesture provided … to encourage students who want to quit using tobacco,” Ham said.

Since November 6, Student Health Services has offered the quit kits for free, and nicotine replacement gum and lozenges for purchase, in honor of College of Health Professions Week.

The quit kits are a part of the tobacco-free student ambassador program, which is a class of about 20 students from the department of public health sciences.

Student ambassadors have no power to penalize tobacco users. They’re instructed to provide tobacco users with an information card listing policy and cessation instruction.

Student ambassadors seek to educate students about the tobacco-free policy and the resources available to help them quit.