Wichita State to offer scenario-based active shooter training


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Wichita State will begin to offer on-campus, active threat training sessions after the Kansas Board of Regents approved temporary exemptions to the campus concealed carry Wednesday.

The university will establish temporary, adequate security measures for the training sessions. Metal detectors will be used to detect and restrict the carrying of weapons into the area for the duration of the training. Armed personnel may also be present at entrances.

Wichita State general counsel David Moses said a gun-free environment is necessary for safety during the training sessions.

“You can’t have guns while you’re training on active shooters because it provides risk,” Moses said.

University police Captain Corey Herl said the scenario-based training will be provided in addition to the current classroom training.

“Essentially, what we do now is a classroom session — speaking to a group of people and that’s it,” Herl said. “There will be a secondary level of that training. It’s practical application of what we are discussing.”

Moses said the training is a response to concerns from students and faculty about the university’s preparedness for campus concealed carry.

“As we were getting ready for concealed carry, we were getting a lot of questions from the library or from faculty,” Moses said. “It was requested by our campus community so that they would have additional active threat training.”

The training sessions will take place in various areas on campus, depending on demand, Moses said.

“We cannot identify specific locations until we know the demand for the training and where it’s going to be located,” Moses said.

“We’re hoping that our campus community will take advantage of this training.”