SGA proposes changes to student fees committee


Selena Favela

During Wednesday’s SGA meeting, Teri Hall, vice president of student affairs tells the senate that the student fees committee will reconvene to discuss student fees.

The Wichita State Student Government Association Executive Cabinet proposed an amendment to the student senate Wednesday that would change the makeup and deliberation process of the Student Fees Committee.

If the amendment passes a vote from the student senate March 28, Vice President of Student Affairs Teri Hall would be ousted as the chairperson of the committee. The Student Body President would step in and serve as chairperson.

Hall would serve as an ex-officio non-voting member, along with Vice President of Administration and Finance Werner Golling, Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration and Director of Budgets David Miller, and Director of Financial Aid Sheelu Surrender.

Hall and Golling are currently voting members of the committee. They both abstained from voting during the second set of deliberations Friday. The rest serve as ex-officio members currently, along with Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Aaron Austin who will no longer serve on the committee. None of the ex-officio members can vote during deliberations. 

The amendment would also require at least one deliberation meeting that is open to the public. This comes after the committee barred the public from its initial deliberation meeting before University President John Bardo called for a re-do of the meeting to be held publicly.

The amendment would have no effect on the hearing process.