WSU app turns phone into personal safety device


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The idea of “see something, say something” just got a little more convenient at Wichita State.

Through the Rave Mobile Safety app that WSU uses to inform students, faculty and staff about tornadoes and other pertinent information, anyone with a mobile telephone can submit audio, photographs, and video tips about crimes to Crime Stoppers. You can go to to install the app.

“The Rave app turns any personal phone into a safety device,” Hinshaw said.

The audio, photographs, or video can be sent through a secure app called P3 Intel. The information, which could be used as evidence in a criminal investigation, is sent anonymously to Crime Stoppers, which then directs it to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Sophomore Adriana Lares, an electrical engineering major, said she does not expect to use it herself.

“I think it would more likely make other people use it,” she said. “I think it’s more convenient.”

Hinshaw said the agency is responsible for building that tip into a legal case against the criminal. Once an arrest is made, the person who made the tip can be eligible for a reward up to $2,500.

He said the anonymity attracts more people to submit the information.

“They want to help, but they don’t want to get involved,” he said.

Lares agreed.

“No one wants to have their name linked to a crime,” she said.

Hinshaw said using the app is not limited to the university campus, but can be used anywhere.

Joshua Hixon, a junior engineering technology major, said he does not seen crimes that often, would probably not use the Rave link, and would take the information directly to a law enforcement agency.

“They would get more information that way,” he said.

Hinshaw is a non-voting member of the Crime Stoppers board.