Barton School of Business crowned Clash of the Colleges champion


Joseph Barringhaus

Members of the Barton School of Business compete in the 2018 Clash of the Colleges events.

The Barton School of Business was named champion in the 2018 Clash of the Colleges, followed by the College of Engineering in second, and the College of Fine Arts in third.

This year’s Clash of the Colleges drew new and returning participants alike. Wichita State’s six academic colleges participated in various field day activities to rack up points. It is a way for Shockers to bond over light-hearted competition and get to know the community they are part of.

WSU’s various colleges hyped themselves up at their respected locations before they eventually made their way down to Cessna Stadium, each with their own energy and enthusiasm that rivaled the last.

Excitement grew as each group ran into Cessna Stadium. While the College of Applied Studies (formerly the College of Education), the College of Health Professions, and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences watched, the College of Engineering ran in with easily the most participants. Interim Dean of the College of Engineering Steven Skinner even rode in on a motorcycle behind the group. Members of other colleges already in the stadium partook in a mini dance-off.

But as the festivities continued, it was clear that the Barton School of Business was in the lead. While they did not have power in numbers, some predicted that they would win simply because they had more initial points. As they gained points, business students became more confident in their impending win. “We got this,” said Hunter Ruppe, a business management major, said. “This is our year.”

“I think we’re taking it all this year,” said Cristian Cruz, a management information systems major. “We’re business. We’re boomin’!”

Members of the College of Engineering hoped they could take back their 2015 and 2016 back-to-back title from the College of Health Professions, which won last year. “We have one of the greatest colleges, people wise,” said industrial engineering major Carson Reimer. “The people are a very nice group of people that are here to support each other whether that’s in classes or on the field.”

Sandra Bibb, who serves as dean of the College of Health Professions said there was more to the event than winning. “It’s not so much about the win as much as it is about the sense of community and having fun, so from that aspect we’ve already won.”