Final WSU engineering dean candidate wants to execute, envision, and excite


Joseph Barringhaus

Chuck Bunting speaks to students, professors, and staff during a public forum on Oct. 1, 2018 in Devlin Hall. Bunting is currently the associate dean of research at Oklahoma State University.

The final candidate for the dean of Wichita State’s College of Engineering visited campus Monday. Chuck Bunting has been the associate dean of research at Oklahoma State University since December of 2012, and a faculty member since 2001. Bunting has been published 36 times in the Journal of Engineering Education, as well as 87 peer-reviewed publications to add to his repertoire.

His research at Oklahoma State includes reverberation chambers and their inverse, anechoic chambers. He went on to show slides of his previous students working on an experiment for a UAV aircraft, as well work done on the electronic control module for a Ditchwitch tractor.

“I don’t trust the simulations or the measurements alone,” Bunting said. “They both must be brought together.”

Bunting also said that he is a “democratic, participative leader. I want to hear input.”

Bunting said he envisions continuing to build on WSU’s strengths, such as the Innovation Campus. With that comes his vision to grow scholarships, internships, research, and grants — all while still addressing the critical needs of faculty retention.

Bunting said this can be accomplished by understanding systemic obstacles, promoting a culture of collaboration, and rewarding excellence. He also wants to nurture undergraduate research and develop mentoring networks which is key to student end goals like graduation.

Bunting ended this forum with a brief question and answer session.