Q&A with Rep. Ron Estes


Fourth District incumbent Ron Estes is facing off against Democrat James Thompson in a rematch of last year’s special election that Estes won with 52 percent of the vote. The former treasurer of Kansas serves on both the House committees on Education and Workforce and Homeland Security. Estes is “proudly pro-life and supports a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution and a reduction in corporate and personal income taxes.

Campaign representatives for Estes did not originally reply to an interview request. After reaching out again, The Sunflower received answers to email questions Wednesday.

Why should college students vote for you?

The principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and restriction of government overreach resonate with college students and Kansans. I want to get government off your backs and unleash the full potential of American ingenuity.

What are the most important issues to you as a candidate?

Families in the 4th District know they have to balance their budgets. Business owners understand they won’t be in business long without a balanced budget. The federal government should not play by a different set of rules. I support a balanced budget amendment that will force the federal government to get its financial house in order. Creating an economy that works for everyone is also at the top of my priority list. College students and grads are entering the workforce at a great time with a booming economy and low unemployment rate.

Why are you better than your opponent?

I believe that government is usually the problem, not the solution. My opponent believes in increasing the size of government and supports repealing the historic tax cuts made last year. He supports policies that will bankrupt our nation and continue to give other countries the upper hand in trade negotiations. I, however, wish to return power to you, leave more money in your pockets, and support free and fair trade.

What’s your opinion of the media?

A free and independent press is a constitutional liberty anchored in the First Amendment and a cornerstone of American exceptionalism. The media has an enormous responsibility to ensure they present facts fairly and honestly in order for Americans to make decisions that can best benefit them and their families.