Read WSU’s tentative student fee referendum here


Today’s Shock the Future steering committee meeting included a presentation showing what students will see when they vote on a student fee increase referendum to fund a variety of campus projects, including a new business building.

Students will access the ballot through an email sent out March 4. Voting will be active for three days.

Here is the full text for the ballot, which committee members — 17 of 26 members were in attendance Monday — have already made suggestions for changes on.

The referendum’s introduction:

“What can we do to make our university the best it can be?

To answer this question, we asked students, faculty and staff to identify needs and opportunities that would elevate WSU’s academic experience. Every college solicited and received feedback through annual surveys, town halls and focus groups to develop project plans that reflect student interests and academic needs, and which will benefit future Shockers in every academic college for years to come:

-New tech to create and collaborate

-Better environments for applied learning and research

-More convenient and accessible study spaces and student services

Because of funding decreases from the state of Kansas, there is only one way for this slate of improvements to become a reality: an increase in student fees.”

The question on the ballot:

“Do you support a $6 per credit hour fee increase to fund the Shock the Future campaign?”

“This vote is for funding improvements in academic building for all colleges. Click here for an overview of all proposed projects.”

Students are given two options, saying they support or do not support the increase.

Steering committee members immediately suggested adding the specific $6 per-credit-hour amount to the referendum’s introduction, as well as leaving it in the ballot question.