Students swap T-Shirts

Members of Shockers Forever Student Alumni Association sat in the Rhatigan Student Center on Tuesday and Wednesday collecting clothes for charity.

Each student who donated then got to choose from a wide selection of Shocker Forever shirts.

In donations, over 200 striped, checkered, polka-dotted and plain patterns made up the giant pile of clothes, about 150 were donated Tuesday and 80 on Wednesday.

The swap continues from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday.

“They can bring T-shirts, pants, any type of clothing,” Shockers Forever President Margy Long said. “We’ve had people bring in things from baby clothes to nurses’ scrubs.”

Long said she thought turnout the past two days was better than was expected.

“When we were setting up we were trying to get the boxes and everything put out and people were already standing in line then,” Long said.

Members are hoping to receive 400 articles of clothing Thursday.

Hosting the event in previous years, members decided to do it again this year as another way they could give back to the community.

“We did it spring 2014 and it did pretty well, last year there was some pretty inclement weather so we couldn’t do it,” Long said. “We usually do one community service event throughout the year, not including homecoming week where we do our Nearly Naked Run, but we try to do something extra during the year besides that.”

Since a wide variety of clothes have been donated, both Long and Emily Blount, vice president of Shockers Forever, are not sure yet which organizations will be donated to.

However, they said they have a few organizations in mind, such as His Helping Hands, New Beginnings Church and Restored Food Pantry and Clothes Closet.

Although collecting clothes for charity is their main goal, Blount said they also were trying to spread their organization’s message.

“We are hoping that a lot of people participate so that our logo can be seen on campus from people with the shirts,” she said.

Many students brought the clothes to the booth after they got out of class, some just did it to clean out their closets, but others did it for different reasons.

“I was thinking that instead of throwing it away, you could give it to someone who needs it,” graduate student Naome Syed said after donating. “I think they are doing a really good job here by helping people do that.”

Overall, members thought that the first two days were a success, and expect the third day to be just as successful if not more.

“It seems to have been a big hit since we started doing it and so we will continue to do so,” said Tate Blanton Assistant director of alumni programs for Shockers Forever. “As long as we have some shirts and other stuff around we will make sure we donate it anyway we can.”