SGA will start livestreaming meetings next week


Austin Shaw

Matthew Madden -student body vice president speaks at the Wichita State University Student Government Association meeting on Feb 20 (Photo by Austin Shaw/The Sunflower.)

The Student Government Association met Wednesday night for the first full Student Senate meeting with Shelby Rowell and Matthew Madden as student body president and vice president, respectively. Rowell and Madden were sworn in last week after Student Body President Kenon Brinkley resigned amidst accusations that he sexually assaulted multiple women.

Rowell announced prematurely that SGA would be livestreaming weekly meetings. The plan was to start livestreaming Wednesday night, but that got pushed to next week’s meeting.

“Today, we are actually livestreaming on Youtube. It is the first time we will be live streaming,“ Rowell said. “Never mind. We will be doing that next week. I’m so sorry. I thought we were full steam ahead this week.”

Rowell then addressed what it will be like to have cameras at meetings.

“Please be aware of your facial expressions, because we have three cameras around the room. They do zoom in on whoever is talking,” Rowell said.

Rowell was asked during the question section after the president’s report where the third camera was located.

Rowell began pointing to cameras and counting.

“One, two…”

She stopped. The room broke into laughter at the same time as Rowell.

“I honestly could not tell you right now,” Rowell continued.

Someone explained that there are two cameras now, but a third will be used if needed.

Director of Public Relations Andrew Martin said SGA will use a closed-captioning service to livestream. Martin said the site is ready to launch and will be ADA compliant.

The service will be available on the new Wichita State Student Government Association Youtube account. It’s a different account than SGA has used in the past, and the two old accounts will no longer work, Martin said. He said he’s currently trying to get the other accounts removed.

SGA used to livestream meetings, but stopped in October 2017 because, without closed-captioning, broadcasts were not ADA-compliant.

Wednesday’s meeting was marked by several instances of procedural confusion.

Madden described the session as, “a bit of a mess”. He said there are a number of new senators who are learning the rules right now in addition to the unexpected changes in leadership last week.

He also noted that some of the procedural issues that came up were atypical and said that he would be putting flashcards of the rules on his phone.

“Parliamentary procedures were all over the place today,” Diversity Task Force Chair Anisia Brumley said during the remarks towards the end of the meeting.

“Make sure we have the right motion before we raise our hand,” Brumley said. “Go over that packet that Shelby (Rowell) made for us because it’s super helpful.”

“There were some parliamentary errors,” Brumley said after the meeting. “It’s just that Robert’s Rules can be very confusing.”

Rowell encouraged the senate to take SGA sessions seriously and remember that it is a job.

“We want to finish out this session strong,” Rowell said. “So keep coming and doing your job every week.”