UPD asks for extra vigilance in response to stolen car

Chance Swaim

Wichita State police are urging people to be report any and all suspicious activity on campus in response to a recent car theft on campus.

Last week, police say a 2000, blue Honda Civic was stolen from Wichita State campus.

Police say the car was stolen between 11:30 p.m. Thurs. and noon Saturday from the housing parking lot directly west of Eck Stadium.

The car was locked and parked when it was stolen, said Cpt. Guy Schroeder.

Wichita has seen a spike in auto thefts this winter. Wichita police have recently reported 61 similar thefts of Hondas and other vehicles across the city this year.

Most of those cars were left idling because of the cold weather, police have said.

“There was no evidence at the scene — broken glass or anything else — and we have very little information to be able to follow up on, but we will be talking to the city to see if there are similarities and things we should be looking for here on campus to help prevent this kind of theft.,” said University Police Capt. Guy Schroeder

Schroeder said the case is still under investigation and anyone with any information about the crime should contact university police.

“See something, say something,” Schroeder said. “If it doesn’t look right, at least call us and let us, as police officers, look into it. You never know when you might help prevent criminal activity.”