WSU reacts to Hesston shooting

A mass-shooting spree left four killed, including the shooter, and 14 others injured Thursday at Excel Industries in Hesston, Kansas. 

Authorities first responded to reports of a man firing shots out his vehicle around 5 p.m. in Newton. Shortly after that, the shooter continued north to Excel, a lawn-mowing manufacturer, where the shooter opened fire inside the building. 

The shooter, identified as Cedric Ford, 38, was an employee of Excel and resident of Newton. Harvey County Sherriff T. Walton said the first officer on the scene entered Excel and took down the shooter, saving many lives. 

  • “It’s a little scary, but it can happen anywhere. You can’t just live life scared.”
    — Misty Weiss, WSU sophomore
  • “It’s shocking. You don’t expect it to happen so close to home.”
    — Hoang Vo, WSU junior
  • “It’s just the first one in a while and unfortunately, I don’t think it’ll be the last one.”
    — Craig Lindeman, director of Creative Services
  • “It’s kind of coinciding with a nationwide increase in shootings.”
    — Wyatt Cobb, WSU freshman
  • “[The shooting in Hesston] is very interesting considering the university will allow concealed carry in 2017. It makes me nervous to be in this state because these things can and do happen anywhere. The university and lawmakers should really look at what the consequences of our actions could be.”
    — Travis Edwards, WSU senior
  • “I was kind of surprised that something could happen in such a small town. It’s such a close-knit community, you wouldn’t think things like that would happen here.”
    — Bryce Neff, WSU junior
  • “I was shocked like anyone would be — hoping everyone was OK. All you can do is pray for the families of the people involved.”
    — Kyle Smith, WSU junior
  • “I wasn’t encouraged by it. It’s sad to see people … that one person can affect so many people in such a negative way. I hate to see that.”
    — Nolan Berning, WSU junior
  • “It’s unfortunate, and I wish there could be something that could be done.”
    — Nichole Varner, WSU senior