Sigma Phi Epsilon celebrates its beginnings with 100-year anniversary banquet Sunday

A group of young and old fraternity brothers gathered around Wichita State and Pi Alpha Pi memorabilia Sunday. Old photos, yearbooks and recruitment materials for the fraternity that recently turned 100-years old were scattered across tables.

Pi Alpha Pi, or what is now Sigma Phi Epsilon (Sig Ep), hosted an anniversary banquet to celebrate 100 years at WSU.

Active members showed their appreciation for the alumni and shared what their fraternity has accomplished over the years.

“This new Pi Alpha Pi trophy case that the older members, alumni, passed items and memorabilia — it’s just really cool to see,” said Sigma Phi Epsilon President Wyatt Clark.

Sig Ep has had a rich history that current members continue to emulate.

“It just shows the strength of not only our alumni and their support and our undergrads, but also here in the fraternity,” Clark said. “It leaves such an impact on them that they continue to want to help out, volunteer and continue to want to help out throughout the years.”

They also paid their respects to Greek life as a whole.

“I think it definitely goes to show that we’re doing something right, and that obviously there’s something to come from these fraternities and Greek life in general,” active member Wes Haines said.

Several alumni from throughout the years spoke in front of the group and touched on some of their experiences while in the house.

“It goes in cycles,” said Denis Dieker, former Alumni Association president. “Sometimes they’re athletes. Sometimes they’re scholars and sometimes they’re a bunch of guys having a good time. So it’s stood out in a lot of different ways.”

Some of the alumni talked about traditions Sig Ep has carried out over the years.

“When you see these old photos, it makes you feel the tradition, something I’m not mad at,” alumnus Jeffrey Gates said. “I’m for growth. Every fraternity should be larger.”