6 student senators appointed at first SGA meeting of the fall

At the first Student Government Association meeting of the semester, the 62nd session senate approved six senate appointments.

There are 64 total seats in the Student Senate, leaving 26 vacancies after Wednesday’s meeting.

Student Body Vice President Michael Bearth said it was important to fill senate vacancies to “maximize representation.” Bearth is also the president of the senate.

“You never want a small group to represent a super large group. You want proportional representation, so that was really the main drive of [these appointments],” he said.

Student senators are elected each spring as part of the annual SGA elections, but any vacancies can be filled by appointments — subject to the approval of the senate.


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  • Rachel Spencer, political science and Spanish major, was appointed freshman senator. "I would love to have a voice for those who feel like they may not have one for theirs. I also would like to represent freshmen and all students from all different backgrounds," she said.

  • Sonya Kendrick, women's studies, was appointed underserved senator. “I feel passionate about helping students reach their educational goals and I think it’s important for us to be open to examining the gaps in which students don’t necessarily reach those goals," she said.

  • Mathew Tucker, a graduate student of math, was appointed at-large senator. "The reason why I have applied to join a senate position is because I find myself in a unique position where I bridge a gap both as an instructor of a course and as a student," he said.

  • Vanessa Teran, biology major, was appointed an at-large senator. “As far as goals in mind if I were to be appointed as an at-large senator is to represent the student body as a whole, while keeping in mind and getting to know individuals’ needs and wants for themselves and for the university," she said.

  • Vanessa Cowdin, business management major, was appointed business senator. "I want to be able to apply myself in as many business ways that I can for my degree. I also enjoy being involved. I was involved all throughout middle school and high school with student council and student senate and would like to continue that in college with student government.”

  • Maurissa Cunningham, musical theater major, was appointed freshman senator. "I feel like I will be a great voice for all the freshmen in my class, and I feel like I will let their voices be heard. I like to listen to other people as well, and I think I am a good listener."

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