Grady sidelined with spinal concussion; fans to celebrate ‘Grady Day’ Saturday

Evan Pflugradt

Senior forward Anton Grady suffered a spinal concussion during Friday’s game against Alabama, according to a team report released Friday night.

The reports of an MRI came back negative late friday night testing for damage to Grady’s nerves and tissues. A neurosurgeon is scheduled to review the results and prepare a diagnosis on Saturday morning.

Grady’s head collided with the shoulder of Alabama guard Dazon Ingram in the final minutes of the Shocker’s loss before stumbling to the ground.

Grady was carted off the floor by medical staff on a stretcher and escorted to a nearby hospital.

The results of an CT scan performed friday came back negative indicating no broken bones, according to the team’s report.

According to the Cleveland Health Clinic’s website, a spinal concussion often occurs from a severe head collision, in which a player’s neck is either compressed or bent far backward or forward with great force.

Complete paralysis is a common temporary symptom associated with the injury. The site explained that the symptoms can last up to 24 hours before the victim returns back to stable condition.

Grady is expected to return to normal condition in the next couple of days, the report said.

The team has yet to announce if Grady will suit up in the final game of the AdvoCare Invitational against Iowa at 9 a.m. Sunday.