Green pool cleaned at The Flats; basketball hoop still in the works



A student living at The Flats tweeted this picture of a murky, green pool at the residence hall Wednesday. The pool was cleaned by Thursday.

A resident at The Flats tweeted a picture of a murky, green pool at the residence hall Wednesday.

“Who trying to go swimming at The Flats?” read the tweet, which tagged Wichita State’s official twitter account.

The next day, the pool had already undergone an extensive cleaning, returning the water to its typical blue hue.

Katie Austin, marketing coordinator for Housing and Residence Life, said it was the first time this season the pool has had issues.

“I think we always have trouble getting the chemicals right,” Austin said. “Pools are tricky things, any rain that comes in, weather conditions can all of a sudden have an affect on the pH levels, chlorine — all of that good stuff.”

The residence hall is leased from The Flats of Kansas, LLC, but WSU operates the apartments in the same way as university-owned Shocker Hall.

“[The Flats of Kansas, LLC] are not involved in the day-to-day,” Austin told The Sunflower in January. “They’re just like a property manager — or, not even a property manager, because we do all the facilities work.”

Austin said Campus Recreation’s aquatic staff assists The Flats’ maintenance staff in taking care of the pool.

Becca Johnson, residence life coordinator for The Flats, said they noticed on Tuesday that the pool had turned green and alerted their maintenance staff and Campus Recreation.

“Since I live in the building, it’s really easy to notice when that happens,” Johnson said. “I think with the long weekend, we didn’t have anybody to deal with it.”

Austin said there are staff on call if facilities issues pop up over the weekend, but they are usually only called in for emergencies. A non-emergency issue, like the pool needing cleaned, can usually wait until Monday.

“I think we have a good system in place — it was just an anomaly this weekend,” Austin said.

Another amenity in The Flats’ outdoor recreation area has been out-of-commission for some time now — the basketball hoop. Some residents say it’s been down since at least last year.

“We’re in a place where developers are technically responsible for that space, and the basketball hoop they gave us is their one and done,” Johnson said.

She said staff are currently looking into alternative solutions, and the hoop is being re-welded. But the hoop remains a side project while they prepare rooms for the semester, she said.

“I’ve been told it should be done by October, so we’ll see,” Johnson said.

Austin expressed gratitude for residents speaking up about issues at The Flats.

“This is everyone’s community; if you see something, say something,” she said. “We appreciate everybody pitching in and being a part of either taking care of the thing that we have, so that they do stay nice, as well as reporting when there’s issues.”