Man and his best friend will help keep geese off campus


Eduardo Castillo

Quinn the border collie runs along grass on campus. She and her owner make up Goose Troopers, a company the university hired to help control the goose population.

A man and his dog will help keep Canada geese — and their unsightly droppings — off campus.

Chris Stoneberger and his five-year-old border collie, Quinn, were hired by Wichita State earlier this month. Together, they make up a business called Goose Troopers, which Stoneberger brought to Wichita about six weeks ago.

In keeping geese off campus, the two use a PETA-approved, no-touch strategy. They are set to be on campus five to six times per day, six days per week.

A typical day on the job, Stoneberger said, includes waking up early in the morning, checking in on properties, and conducting meetings with clients.

Stoneberger said goose hunting is not a hobby or part-time job that you can do a couple times of the week. Properties are checked throughout the day, and properties that have a high number of geese receive more attention than others.

“I work about 40-45 hours a week, seven days out of the week,” he said. “I only take a day off when I really need to.”

Stoneberger and Quinn service both residential and commercial properties in the greater Wichita area.

Besides goose control, Goose Troopers also offer custom property plans based on individual needs, nest removal, egg addling, and rooftop clearing.

Stoneberger and Quinn have formed a close bond from working together for hours each day.

The pair are fully-licensed and have city permits to conduct all the services that they provide.

“We are fully insured and licensed. A lot of my clients require us to have liability insurance in order to service their property,” Stoneberger said.

Prior to relocating to Wichita, Stoneberger operated his business for a few years in Kansas City.

Aside from scaring students, geese are sometimes known to cause extensive damage, including destroying property, leaving behind droppings, and posing a risk to the health and safety of humans and other animals.

Quinn also has an active social-media presence at