REVIEW: The Jonas Brothers are back and better than ever

Album art for the Jonas Brothers Happiness Begins

Album art for the Jonas Brother’s “Happiness Begins”

A concert six years in the making took place at the Sprint Center in Kansas City on Sunday. The Jonas Brothers were in town and all the ride-or-die JoBros fans were in attendance. 

In eager anticipation of the three brothers walking on stage, the crowd was ready for anyone to walk on stage as the openers. 

Jordan McGraw, the son of TV personality Dr. Phil, was the first opener. McGraw was full of energy and was complimentary of the crowd – but the music was nothing special. It seemed to be pretty standard level pop music. 

The biggest surprise of the night had nothing to do with the brothers – but with the other opener, the amazing Bebe Rexha. Rexha is currently on all the pop charts with her song “Meant to Be” with Florida Georgia Line. What most people don’t know about Rexha is that she started out as a songwriter. Rex has been credited for writing “Monster” by Eminem featuring Rihanna, “Team” by Iggy Azalea and “Under You” by Nick Jonas. 

She was able to fill her 45 minute sets with some extremely fun tunes that everyone knew. She brought on an audience member to dance during her song with Cash Cash, “Take Me Home.” Amber, the girl Rexha brought on stage, was filled with energy and was fun to watch. 

When the lights went down on Rexha after she played her hit “Meant to Be”, the crowd was eagerly waiting for the Jonas Brothers to come on. Suddenly everyone started cheering – a Kansas City hero had just walked into the building. Fresh off his 374-yard game against the Baltimore Ravens, Patrick Mahomes walked into the VIP bar surrounded by thunderous applause from the audience. 

In true boy band fashion, when the Jonas Brothers came on stage – the audience lost their minds. It was hard to hear the music over the screams of the girls who have been waiting 12+ years to see their idols. Kevin, Joe and Nick walked out in  purple, pink and green suits respectively. They opened with “Rollercoaster” off their most recent album, “Happiness Begins.” 

The concert had the perfect balance between the new and the old. They hit all their old hits while still showcasing the best songs off their newest album. 

For the most part, the first act of the concert was spent alternating between old and new. They were energetic and did their best to avoid talking too much so they had time to play as many songs as possible. When they ran from the main stage to the stage near the back of the arena, they asked for a fan request. The audience was screaming all kinds of songs but eventually, the Jonas Brothers played “Games” off their self titled album from 2007.

They did not limit themselves to only their studio albums, they made sure to hit some Camp Rock jams and even did “Jealous” and “Cake by the Ocean” from Joe’s time with DNCE. Don’t worry, Kevin got his 30-seconds of piano playing time to (kind of) make up for the fact that he never released music outside the band. 

In a tight montage of all their best hits from the early days, they managed to play everyone’s favorite songs and get another seven songs in for the die-hard fans. It was their way of paying tribute to all the fans who have stuck with them from the very beginning. 

The Jonas Brothers may have gotten older and their sound may have changed, but they still give audiences the same boyish love and rock style the world grew to love in their prime. This truly is one of the hottest tickets of the year, and for good reason. 

It’ll feel like you are back in your room singing to your Jonas Brothers poster you cut out of a J-14, except now you get to drink. 

The Jonas Brothers will be in Tulsa on Sept. 29 if you would like a second chance to see the iconic group.