WSU reports 0.99% enrollment increase; overall enrollment slightly down at state universities


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Wichita State reported an enrollment increase of 0.99% from last fall, according to preliminary figures released by the Kansas Board of Regents Wednesday. WSU’s full-time equivalency is up to 11,397 from 11,285 in 2018.

Full-time equivalency (FTE) is based on the sum of credits taken by all students divided by 15 credit hours for undergraduate students and 12 credit hours for graduate students. The Regents switched to featuring the FTE metric for enrollment reporting last year instead of the longstanding 20-day headcount metric.

WSU’s FTE increase was the largest of any of Kansas’ six state universities, narrowly edging out Fort Hays State’s 0.94% increase. Overall, Regents schools saw a slight decrease in FTE.

WSU had a 1.0% increase in student course credit hours to 165,903, making fall credit hour enrollment its highest in school history, according to a WSU release.

WSU’s first-time-in-college enrollment was down by 29 students to 1,579 after three straight years of the largest first-time classes in school history.

The University of Kansas reported a FTE decrease of 0.82% from 2018, and Kansas State’s numbers are down 3.12%.