University post office manager retires after 22 years 


Easton Thompson

Mike Sperlazza speaks with a writer from The Sunflower during his retirement celebration on Oct. 4 in the Rhatigan Student Center. Sperlazza was the manager of Postal Services and worked in Postal Services for 22 years.

Mike Sperlazza, Wichita State University’s manager of postal services, has retired after 22 years of service.

“It’s been great,” Sperlazza said about his years working at WSU. “I’ve enjoyed my time here.”

Sperlazza’s retirement was celebrated Friday afternoon at a reception in the Rhatigan Student Center. University postal services closed early Friday to allow employees to attend the event. 

Sperlazza is originally from Houston, Missouri, where he attended community college before serving in the military. After Sperlazza retired from service in 1997, he said he was first drawn to the job at WSU because of its convenient location. 

“The only reason I came here was because it was close to my family that I had. . . I had family in Kansas City, and my wife had family in the Kansas area,” Sperlazza said.

While location was the driving factor for coming to WSU, Sperlazza said he ended up loving the job something he for which he considers himself lucky. 

“Most military [members], after they retire, take a job, then a different job, until they find a job they like,” Sperlazza said. “I retired in April, then came here in May — that tells you how quick it was. And I’ve been here ever since.” 

For Sperlazza, the highlights of his time at the university were the co-workers and students with whom he worked. 

“The people and the students [are my favorite part of the job],” Sperlazza said. “I’ve enjoyed them. I’ve had a lot of international students work for me. I’ve learned from them, and they’ve learned from us.”

Having been at WSU for over two decades, Sperlazza has grown deep, personal connections with many campus community members. 

“Some still come by to see me,” Sperlazza said.

The former students who come to see him are not all strictly from Wichita, he said, and many travel from as far as California to visit.