Student fees to increase by 1.5% at max in FY 2021


Noah Merrell

Student Body Vice President Michael Bearth listens to Fine Arts Representative John Kirk debate over Student Involvement’s budget.

The Student Fees Committee voted today to raise student fees no more than 1.5% for FY2021.

All scholarships, funds and grants under the Education Opportunity Fund, except two, had their requests voted to be fully fulfilled.

Representatives voted to keep the Historically Underrepresented Student Grant at the same funding level as FY2020 – $50,000.

Student Support Services Program requested $6,000 more this year but was only granted $3,000 more, putting them at $17,000.

The committee began debating Student Involvement’s recommendation, but tabled the debate for tomorrow.

Tomorrow, the committee will meet again to vote on funding for student services, which includes Student Involvement, Student Affairs, The Sunflower and other student organizations.

After the committee makes their recommendations the full budget will be put to a vote by the student government.