SAC, Student Involvement to host TikTok Talent Show

TikTok fanatics and protégés can now showcase their skills and talents on the social media platform through the TikTok Talent Show, co-hosted by Wichita State’s Student Involvement and SAC. 

Glynnis Jackson, SAC’s traditions graduate assistant, said the idea originated from her own interest in TikTok.  

“We were coming up with different ideas, and I know I have recently gotten into TikTok just because it’s so fun and a lot of people have gotten into it during this time, so we decided to create something out of it,” Jackson said. “We know that people enjoy to participate and watch talent shows, so we decided to incorporate the two together.”

After the university closed and social gatherings were limited to 10 people, SAC had no choice but to cancel their events. 

“We still want our students to be involved, even if they have to do it virtually from home,” Jackson said. 

With the state-wide, stay-at-home order that was just extended through May 3, Jackson said she hopes the TikTok Talent Show will help ease some of the worries and challenges that students are currently experiencing.  

“I know everybody is really focused on trying to get a routine down at home and being able to stay caught up with online classes, and there’s still a lot of unknown out there,” she said. “So this just kind of brings that positive vibe into our lives.

“It just kind of gives [the students] a little bit more sunshine to their lives at the moment.”

Applications to participate in the talent show were due Wednesday at noon, and the live premier show will be held at 2 p.m. on Friday via Zoom.

First-prize winners for each category will be announced following the live premier showing. Categories are as follows: TikTok Challenges, Comedy, Drama, and Original Audio.

The videos will then be posted on the SAC TikTok page for about a week so that contestants can compete to get as many likes as possible. The contestant who receives the highest number of likes will be named the overall winner.

The overall winner will be announced at noon Friday, April 24.