SGA grants RSO status to four student organizations



SGA granted four student organizations RSO status during their meeting Wednesday, held via zoom.

The student senate granted Registered Student Organization status to four student organizations during Wednesday’s meeting. 

Phi Sigma Pi 

The sorority Phi Sigma Pi was the first student organization recognized at Wednesday’s meeting. 

“I think [the president] showed a lot of interest and passion about this sorority and I think it would be a good idea to pass it because she was really genuinely passionate about it,” Senator Emily Smith, who is on the ways and means committee and heard the bill’s author speak, said. “[She] showed that it helped her in a lot of ways and I think it could help a lot of other people on campus.”

The bill to give it RSO status passed with unanimous consent. 

The YMCA Student Organization

The YMCA student organization was the second organization to be recognized. The organization’s purpose is to encourage youth development, healthy living and social responsibility among the youth and WSU students.

“We’re here to kind of just help the students grow personally and professionally and kind of give them the tools they need to succeed in life,” the organization’s president Denayr Robinson said during after the first read of the bill Sept. 9.

The bill passed with 40 in favor, one against, and one abstention. 

WSU Campus Ministry Connection

The organization Campus Ministry Connection was the third to receive RSO status. 

“Our goal is just to nurture spiritual growth in the academic environment on Wichita State’s campus,” Melissa Hasty, the organization’s advisor, said during the first read Sept. 9. “We accept everyone in because we believe open dialogue is one of the ways to grow your own faith connections and grow your faith.” 

“We believe that intellectual and spiritual growth go hand in hand.” 

The bill passed with unanimous consent of the senate. 

Assistive Technology Solutions

Assistive Technology Solutions is an organization thats main purpose is to give people hands on experience and focus on creating assistive devices to help others, including current projects like building a hand for someone who could not afford to buy a prosthetic one and creating a device that allows someone without a hand to play the cello. 

The organization’s president Carlos Gatti said they looked into gaining RSO status so they can continue providing their services to students for no cost.

“I do this as a charity service, we are working as a non profit basically,” Gatti said. “In the future I hope to get funding in order to give people [our services] for free.”

The bill passed with unanimous consent.