Get your butt to the game

Sports Editor

After missing the Wichita State men’s basketball exhibition game, I’ve since been to each and every home game covering the Shockers for the Sunflower.

Let me say this, I’m not impressed with the students. In fact, I’m disappointed with and extremely angry at the student section.

For years, I’ve believed the student section should be bigger. I thought WSU should be more accommodating to students and allow extra entry for students so that games can be louder and so the home court advantage could be enhanced.

It’s tough to make this argument when students either don’t show up or stand and cheer the entire game.

The students that show up are decent, but they shouldn’t go by what the rest of the crowd does. Don’t sit at any point during the game, including timeouts.

Last game, WSU trounced a good Tulsa team by 20 points and the student section wasn’t full.

I know you were at home for Thanksgiving break and didn’t want to leave home and your leftover turkey.

I don’t understand for the life of me how Wichita State can go to an NCAA Final Four in 2012-13, go through a season undefeated in 2013-14 and have a Top 10 ranking in 2014-15 and students don’t show up to the game.

You stand in line for student tickets before the doors open, you get your ticket and you don’t go? You have to be kidding me.

This is Shocker basketball — one of the best teams in the nation, arguably the best point guard and best backcourt in the country. And you’re a no show.

Watching the Shockers is a privilege, not a right.

Get your ticket and get your butt to the game.

This goes for other Shocker teams as well.