Student body president announces re-election campaign


Courtesy of Khan and Gumbs

Kamilah Gumbs (left) and Rija Khan (right) announced their student government campaign Monday.

Current Student Body President Rija Khan is running for re-election, the campaign announced Monday. Kamilah Gumbs, current Student Government Association underserved senator and the diversity, empowerment, and inclusion committee chair, will be running for vice president. 

Khan, a junior majoring in criminal justice with a pre law track, has been a part of SGA since her freshman year. She has served as a freshman senator, a liberal arts and sciences senator, and was the first ways and means committee chair. 

Khan said she is running for a second term because she believes one term wasn’t enough to achieve her goals.

“Whatever the work the 63rd session has started, we just want to continue because those are issues that require more time,” Khan said during her and Gumbs’s virtual reveal party Saturday. “It requires more attention because no issue can be solved in one term.” 

Gumbs is a junior studying political science and minoring in communication serving in her first session of SGA as underserved senator and diversity, empowerment, and inclusion committee chair.

Rija Khan (Courtesy of Khan and Gumbs)

Khan and Gumbs put their goals into two sections: new initiatives and continuing ones. 

In their new goals, they want to make SGA more of an associated student government.

“[We want] to provide our students with more voice and more say,” Khan said. 

Khan said they also want to build more connections.

“We also want to create better connections with our outside entities so our students can advocate for issues that are not just revolving around one area, but multiple different [areas],” Khan said.

Their new goals also include fixing orientation for international, transfer, and returning students, having sustainable energy, and others. 

In their continuing goals, Gumbs said that they want to continue working on providing affordable childcare.

Kamilah Gumbs (Courtesy of Khan ad Gumbs)

“We do have a lot of students on campus who have children and we believe this is crucial,” she said.

Gumbs said that they want to make student health services a more welcoming place for students.

“We just want to make sure it is more diverse, inclusive, so that all of our students feel comfortable, and of course make it more accessible and more affordable as well,” Gumbs said.

Their continuing goals also include building more transparency, addressing food insecurity, and working on disability services, among others.

For more information on their ticket click here.

Student Government elections are slated to take place April 5-7. Any student interested in running for spots has to declare their candidacy by Feb. 22.