Power outage reported on campus


A power outage has been reported in the neighborhood north of the university this morning and is affecting buildings on campus, including Shocker Hall. It is unclear what caused it.

“We don’t know if a transformer is blown or what the problem is,” University Police Captain Schroeder  said. “All the buildings on campus have generators and they’re all up and running. It’s not like the power outage to cause the heat to go down or things that.”

Schroeder said that while they are unsure when the power outage will be solved, they are checking in continuously to keep students updated. 

The temperature outside is currently -8 degrees and feels like -29 degrees as of 9:30a.m., according to the weather forecast. Schroader is encouraging students to stay inside to stay warm, and not to worry about the power affecting the heat. 

“As far as heat goes, that’s not an issue,” he said. “The cold shouldn’t be affecting other than the fact that people need to stay in and not go out, which is common sense on all of our parts.”