Wichita State students find relaxation with fluffy friends


Illustration by Kaylee Stout / The Sunflower

They’re soft, they’re squishy, they’re trending all over social media. Squishmallows are plush stuffed toys that Children and college students alike are often seen snuggling up next to one, especially college students. They come in many varieties; animals, food, pop culture, etc.

Alex Day, a Biochemistry and Medical Lab Sciences Freshman, said they only have one that they call Pumpkin Cat.

“[My squishmallow is] reversible and changes from a cat to a pumpkin . . .  (they) like to wear it as a hat,” Day said.

Alex Day shows their black cat Squishmallow which is reversible.

Squishmallows are known for their soft and squishy touch, and can be used for many different things including: pillows, cuddle buddies, and a person’s best pal.

Day loves their Pumpkin Cat because “(they) just love the aesthetic of it. It makes (them) happy to hold and it’s very comforting.”

Piper Sterling, a Filmmaking Sophomore, has multiple  Squishmallows and loves the stories behind each one.

“Reginald, a Valentine’s day corgi, who is Captain of the lacrosse team, Reginald is a fearless leader. He loves to spend time with his teammates on and off the field especially when it involves watching one of his favorite movies. Autumn, a halloween black cat, who you could say that Autumn is not a morning person. Her adventure-seeking personality comes out as the darkness fills the skies. Autumn is one with nature, and travels all over the world from one Halloween to the next.”

Sterling feels something special about Squishmallows and their plushiness.

“They are literally the softest and cutest stuffed animal brand,” she said.  “They come in literally all shapes and sizes and there are so many to choose from.”

Piper Sterling and her Squishmallows are always hanging out together in her room.

She said she wants more of them such as the dragon, squid and axolotl.

Squishmallows are not only great pillows and fun to hug, but Sterling says they are “great movie buddies.”

Cyrus Lackie, a Dental Hygiene Freshman, has two Squishmallows “that (they) love dearly.”

“A halloween exclusive candy corn with a witch hat. And an alligator named Arthur, he paints murals.”

Lackie really likes Squishmallows because it helps them.

“I’m super sensitive to textures so when I first found them in a grocery store I gave them a squish and they were softer and squishier than anything I’ve felt before. That’s when I knew I  just had to have it,” they said.

Lackie’s love for stuffed animals isn’t new.

“I had almost every Webkinz growing up and my favorite thing about those and squishmallows too is that they come with names and a backstory that personify them,” Lackie said. “It makes for a more genuine and deep connection.”

Cyrus Lackie holds their stackable Squishmallow, Arthur the Alligator.

Their Squishmallows are always there to help throughout the day.

“Arthur likes to hold up my laptop whenever I’m using it on my bed. I think he likes the warmth of the computer, being cold blooded and all. And I enjoy getting to see his face, especially during the most boring of zoom meetings,” they explained. “Arthur also makes for a great pillow because he’s actually a flat version of squishmallows, called squishmallows stackables.”