Student Government voting open today through Wednesday


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Voting for this year’s Student Government Association elections begin today and are open through Wednesday. 

Students can find the ballot in an email sent to their student emails.

This year there is only one ticket running for the office of student body president and vice president. Last year, there were two. 

Current Student Body President Rija Khan won last year by 86 votes with running mate Mackenzie Haas. Khan is running again this year for the same office. This time, her running mate is SGA Senator Kamilah Gumbs. 

The ballot also includes college-specific, at-large, and special constituency senator spots.

Last year only 8.4% of eligible voters participated. In 2019, 16.2% voted and in 2018 12.3% voted. 

Full list of all the candidates:

Student Body President and Vice President: 

Rija Khan and Kamilah Gumbs

The Office of Student Senator:

College of engineering (4 seats): Jay Thompson, Aboubakar Diablo, Lizzie Koonce

College of fine arts (2 seats): John Kirk, Jade Warden

Graduate school (3 seats): No declared candidates

Honors college (2 seats): Ella Brynne Ihrig, Jacob Tubach

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (7 seats): Mackenzie Lane, Bridget Kennedy, Kryslyn Sherer, Thomas Rafter, Bayle Sandy

College of Business (4 seats): Rexhd Martin

College of Health Professions (3 seats): Olga Lesnik, David Liu

Underserved Senator (8 seats): No declared candidates

International students (2 seats): No declared candidates

At-large (17 seats): Sheikh Md Sorwardi, Tayton Majors, Jordy Mosqueda, Ella Perkins, Dalton Dicks

College of Applied Studies (4 seats): No declared candidates

Out of state (2 seats): Nate Thomas

Veteran Students (1 seat): No declared candidate

Returning adults (3 seats): No declared candidate