My top five favorite places to eat on campus

As someone who has spent a lot of time eating on campus in the past year, I’ve figured out the best places to get food on campus. My rankings are based on overall quality of food as well as affordability, which is super important as a college student. 

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop located in Braeburn Square (Lindsay Smith / The Sunflower)

5/5 Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

Coming in with a perfect rating, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is my favorite place to go on campus to grab lunch with friends or coworkers.  

As someone who loves mexican food, their menu has a lot of variety so everyone can find something that they like.  While it can be a little pricey for a college student, they give you a lot of food for what you pay for.

The only downside to Fuzzy’s is that depending on where you are on campus, you have to drive to the restaurant instead of walking. But in my opinion it is worth it!

Freddy’s located in the Rhatigan Student Center (Lindsay Smith / The Sunflower)

4.5/5 Freddy’s Steakburgers

If I’m feeling like having a good burger and fries, Freddy’s is the place to go on campus. 

The price for a fast food meal can be a little pricey for college students, but the fries are so good that it doesn’t even matter.  There isn’t a ton of variety on their menu, but they do have a veggie burger for those who want a non-meat option.  Plus, being the only place where you can get ice cream makes me really happy that we have it on campus.

Another downside to Freddy’s is that they have super limited hours, and I have found myself going there many times to realize that they are already closed for the day.

Panda Express open during lunch on Monday, March 23, 2020. (Selena Favela)

4.5/5 Panda Express

I’m never not in the mood to eat some orange chicken and spring rolls at Panda Express. With plenty of options, the amount of food that you get can easily be spread between two meals, which is the perfect option for a college student trying to spend less money on food.  

Panda Express is also currently the only non-American food option in the RSC, and I find myself going back there again and again.

Shocker Sports Grill & Lanes located in the basement of Rhatigan Student Center (Lindsay Smith / The Sunflower)

4.5/5 Shocker Sports Grill and Lanes

Shocker Sports Grill and Lanes is located in the basement of the RSC, and if you’re looking for something that isn’t fast food, this is the place for you.  

From salads, to wings, to wraps and burgers, there is something on the menu for everyone to try.  The only downside to Shocker Sports Grill and Lanes is that the food is slightly overpriced, but I think the food is worth it.  The wait time for food can also be long depending on how busy they are.  My favorite thing that I’ve gotten recently is the ranchero wrap and the mac and cheese bites.

Journey East Asia Grill located in Braeburn Square (Lindsay Smith / The Sunflower)

4/5 Journey East Asia Grill

When I’m craving something different than what I usually eat, I’ll usually head to Journey East Asia Grill.  The owners of the restaurant are always super nice and friendly, making the experience that much more enjoyable.  Their boba is awesome and you are able to build a bowl and choose all of the ingredients, which is great for picky eaters.