Student Health encouraging students to submit COVID-19 vaccination records

Students can now submit proof of their COVID-19 vaccination, thanks to a new feature added to myShockerHealth. Students who enter their record before Aug. 27 have a chance to win prizes. 

“[myShockerHealth] has been around since 2016, but the image upload feature that’s now a part of the portal is new,” Director of Student Health Services Camille Childers said. 

The myShockerHealth portal, which can be found on the Student Health Services home page, is where students can schedule student health appointments, refill subscriptions, schedule vaccine appointments, schedule COVID testing, and submit any immunization records. 

Childers said that through submitting immunization records, student health services will be able to give better direction to students when asked health related questions. 

“So [if] you take a hiking trip to Colorado and need to know if you had your tetanus shot, you can sign into the portal and check the immunizations we have on file for you,” Childers. 

Along that same line, Childers said if they have proof of COVID-19 vaccination, they will be able to give better quarantine directions. 

“If you have the COVID vaccine and you’re fully vaccinated … and you happen to get an exposure to COVID-19, if you’re fully vaccinated and asymptomatic you don’t have to be quarantined,” Childers said. 

The sidebar in the myShockerHealth portal, which can be logged into through the student health services home page on

“If we have your records available showing you are fully vaccinated, we can give better health advice.”

Immunization data submitted through the portal will not be shared to the public. 

Childers said that while the university continues to advocate for students getting vaccinated, the vaccine is completely voluntary. 

“The reality is, it’s not required, it’s a personal choice,” Childers said. 

“I just want people to have the information that is accurate and that comes from a good source,”she said. 

“If you’re getting sources on whether or not the vaccine is safe from Facebook versus, you know, the American College of Immunization practices or the CDC or the state department, I want them to have accurate knowledge to make the decision that is best for them.”

Childers said currently WSU doesn’t have a specific goal of how many people they want vaccinated. But she said that the best way to protect others is to reach herd immunity— That can only be reached if the majority of people are immunized.

“When they say they want X number of people vaccinated, that goes back to herd immunity,” Childers said. “For us to protect those who cannot be vaccinated a percentage of those around them need to be vaccinated.”

Childers said that students should not only utilize the portal to enter their COVID-19 immunization record, but also any record that applies.

“COVID is what’s going on right now,” Childers said. “But while I’ve been at WSU we’ve had measles, there’s been a case of chickenpox on campus, you hurt yourself and need a tetanus shot, it would really help us to have all your vaccines across the board.”

Students can log into their myShockerHealth portal with their student id and their password.