Move in with Muma: University President assists new freshman on move-in day


Kaylee Stout / The Sunflower

President Rick Muma poses for a photo after helping this student load up their belongings to move into Shocker Hall at WSU on August 13

Students moving into Shocker Hall today had a helping hand from University President Rick Muma.

Muma and his husband, Rick Case, showed up to the dorm this morning to help new freshmen move into their on-campus dorms.

“I showed up to welcome them, primarily,” Muma said. “Student’s have been gone a long time, although we have had some student’s in housing in the last year. I wanted to get out and about and greet them and I want them to feel welcome.”

Some students were oblivious to who was helping them unpack.

“I came down the elevator, and there were like 50 cameras in my face … I didn’t even know that was the president,” Zimmerman, a freshman majoring in filmography, said.

Kaycee Schkolovyi, a freshman majoring in mechanical engineering, said that having the president there on move-in day showed that he cared about the students.

“I’m from Oklahoma, so I am looking forward to the new everything and meeting everyone, and being outside of my comfort zone,” Schkolovyi said.

Jake Brauns, a freshman majoring in sports management, said that having the president there made him feel more like a real person.

President Muma laughing with a Shocker Hall staff member. (Kaylee Stout)

“It’s pretty nice, it makes him feel closer to the students instead of all the way up on the top,” Brauns said.

Brauns said that he is excited to experience being outside of the small hometown that he grew up in.

“[I’m excited about] everything, really.  Being away, just trying to branch out from the small town I came from in a bigger area of knowledge,” Brauns said.

Lillian Persson, a freshman majoring in psychology, said that it is nice to know that there are people here at WSU to help in case she needs it.  Like many freshmen, Persson looks forward to being independent and being on her own for the first time.

Muma said that being there to help students move in is a part of his goal to help students be successful.

“The big thing is I want them to be successful,” Muma said. “My goal is to make sure that every student that comes here graduates and goes on to live better lives.”