SGA appoints three new supreme court justices



SGA appointed three new Supreme Court justices during their meeting Wednesday

The Student Government Association appointed three new supreme court justices at their meeting Wednesday evening. 

Garett Butler is a junior majoring in business management and minoring in philosophy. He said one of his initial reasons for applying was to get more involved on campus.

“I saw some of the things that happened last semester in the supreme court and realized how crucially important it is,” Butler said. 

SGA President Rija Khan said that Butler showed all of the needed qualities to be a supreme court justice.

“In his interview he demonstrated qualities of being knowledgeable, confident and passionate about the supreme court and he has been one of those nominees that I would say I would learn from about the supreme court,” Rija Khan

His goal is to treat people with dignity.

“I believe that everyone has dignity and they should have dignity under the law, no matter what group they are a part of,” Butler said. “I want to make sure fellow students are treated with that dignity and that everyone has a fair shake when they’re having their case heard.”

His appointment was approved by 27 in favor, six against and one abstention.

Hanna Mannani is a freshman with an undecided major. In high school, Mannani was involved in debate and forensics. 

“I know there is a big difference between the pressure put on a debate judge and the pressure put on a supreme court representative, but seeing that they are kind of similar I know this won’t be an extremely new experience for me,” Mannani said. 

“I’m ready for the pressure.”

Khan described Mannani as integral, eager to learn and open-minded.

The motion passed with 28 in favor and six against.

Trinity Sickles is a freshman majoring in criminal justice and minoring in psychology. Khan said she was confident in the appointment because of Sickle’s dedication to learn more.

“She showed qualities of being an unbiased decision maker, having compassion and being a good communicator,” Khan said. 

Sickles said it’s important for her to keep up to date with what’s happening in society.

“I have a very strong interest in the supreme court as well as politics … [and] student government, I spent some time learning about student government last semester … we touched base on some of the issues that were happening,” Sickles said.

The bill passed with 16 in favor, 12 against and one abstention.